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Why we do what we do?

We believe in the power of innovation to build solutions that create an impact.

We at NOVERACION GLOBAL believe that innovation is a key growth driver for any business or organization and leveraging cutting edge technology can not only help organizations to stay ahead of competition but also help to deliver best always, creating sustainable value for all stakeholders.

We believe that the toughest problem can be solved by exploring the nutshell and adding a Flavour of Excitement and Innovation to crack the nutshell can lead to hilarious results.
We believe that converting a vision into reality is a by-product of not just HARD but also SMART work.

Adding a touch of Excitement and Innovation to deliver more value, we are committed to help you change with the changing world. We can help you to reach the epitome of your excellence.
We are Excited to Innovate.


Your One-Stop Shop for GenAI Solutions. We offer a comprehensive suite of GenAI services to empower your business.

GenAI Ideation & Strategy Roadmap

We help you identify high-impact GenAI opportunities and craft a winning AI strategy designed to maximize your ROI.

GenAI Solution Design & Development

Our expert team designs and builds custom GenAI solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Gen AI Implementation & Integration

We seamlessly integrate AI into your existing workflows for a smooth transition.

Why choose us?

We have a Jugaad (Frugal) approach towards problem solving. We all think simple, out of the box and innovative!

A project or deliverable is not just a mere task for us. It is an opportunity to create something worthwhile and to create an impact. We ensure that we dedicate our heart and soul to make the deliverable a high smash success.

Innovation Assesment Framework

A proprietary framework born out of our own failures. In house Innovation Expertise combined with a rapidly maturing powerful framework.

Focus on Value maximization by leveraging Innovation

We work as Intellectual Assets and strive to be profit centres by either using Innovation to optimize costs or create an another revenue stream.

Trusted Innovation Management Partners

We are not mere 'vendors' but partners/stakeholders in the journey hence client success for us is paramount.

Core Foundation Driven by Values

Our culture is driven by values of Integrity, Transparency, Collaboration and Excellence thereby sowing seeds to build long term relationships.

Young and Dynamic Team

State of the art selection and gromming process to nurture Innovation Consultants who bring growth oriented start-up mindset, abstract thinking and out of the box design to the table.

Result oriented delivery approach

We don't beat around the bush with complex jargons and fancy market research reports. Instead we focus on the results and novelty of the solution.

We are just a click away!

Be a part of our mission to challenge traditional problem solving approaches and let us together explore how innovation can add more value, unlock dormant potential and opportunities in the hindsight for your organization

Case Studies

Enhancing Customer Experience in Retail with GenAI-Powered Personalization.

This project aimed to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales in a retail chain by leveraging GenAI for personalized shopping experiences. By analyzing customer behavior, purchase history, and preferences, we proposed developing a GenAI model to offer tailored product recommendations and personalized promotions in real-time.

The envisioned GenAI solution would integrate into the retailer's mobile app and online store, enabling dynamic personalization for each customer. The AI model would also provide insights into inventory management, helping the retailer optimize stock levels and reduce overstock and out-of-stock situations. This personalized approach is expected to result in increased customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved operational efficiency.

Optimizing Supply Chain Operations in CPG with GenAI-Driven Demand Forecasting

The goal of this project was to enhance supply chain efficiency for a CPG company by leveraging GenAI for demand forecasting. By analyzing historical sales data, market trends, and external factors such as weather and economic indicators, we proposed developing a GenAI model to accurately predict product demand across different regions and time periods.

The envisioned GenAI-driven demand forecasting solution would integrate into the company's supply chain management system, enabling proactive inventory planning and reducing the risk of stockouts and overproduction. This would allow the company to optimize their production schedules, reduce inventory holding costs, and improve overall supply chain responsiveness.

Fun loving environment at the workplace that fosters Creativity and Innovation!

  • A flat hierarchy, we follow holocracy, you own what you do, driven by a sense of purpose to create an impact

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Noveracion Global

Excited to Innovate!

Birthday Celebrations!

Celebrating life moments

Power of focus: Innovation

Meditation to trigger Intellectual

No long meetings!

Get things done!

Team outings

Building bonds

Innovator's Dilemma

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Flexi work schedule

Deliver results!

Brainstorming sessions

Innovation that excites!

Welcome to The Roller Coaster of Excitement and Fun!

If you are excited about innovation we can give you wings to fly, prosper, grow and excel to unleash the real potential in you

At NOVERACION GLOBAL work is not just work, it is a Passion. Working at NOVERACION GLOBAL is not just a journey but it is an experience of a kind where you are free to put your creativity and innovation to every small aspect to deliver the best always.

You will always feel that you are not just delivering but creating a positive impact not only for our clients but also for the Ecosystem around. You will always have work life balance because you will never feel that you are working and just feel that you are having fun.

Want to get into our roller coaster ride?Want to experience the excitement and fun?Shoot us your spirit of excitement at innovation@noveracionglobal.com


Young,dynamic,energetic,enthusiastic,nimble and passionate group of individuals driving innovation

Shahbaz Khan


Shivani Patil

Full Stack Ninja

Amartya Mathew

Machine Learning Warrior



Prasad Kulkarni

Co-Founder-CFO & COO

Sachin Dudhankar

Recruitment and Training Consultant

Anil Gupte


Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is in house derived word, that resonates our thought process, philospophy and our way of working. Innovation is derived from word Italian word Novus (to create something new) that is where 'NOV' comes from.'VER' is taken from ConVERgence, Acion is from spanish word for Innovacion. That is how NOV-ER-ACION. Leveraging Innovation by converging cutting edge technologies to create sustainable value our mission and that is reflected in the name 'NOVERACION'.

  • Technology is evolving at a very rapid pace. We have expertise to the concepts needed for delivery of a project and the hands-on learning framework that we have built helps the team to learn any new concept and deliver within weeks.We have robust understanding of technology fundamentals and technology platforms and expertise on how systems operate in tandem with each other. Our expertise is in applying out of the box approach and abstract thinking by asking the right questions not only to solve a particular problem, but also have a clear visible impact in terms of value creation. We have a strong team that is upto edge with latest technological developments and pretty nimble to learn any new anything and start to deliver. We collaborate with 3rd party Subject Matter Experts as and when needed.

  • Innovation is all about breaking silos and collaboration. We hire best in class industry consultants who have had deep dive domain expertise on a project to project basis. Quite often the organizations that approach us have the expertise in house but we collaborate with experts from industry.

  • 1. Jugaad(being frugal while innovating) approach that reflects in our continously maturing proprietary framework. We don't believe in complex jargons, fancy market research reports, instead we focus on novelty and business use case of the solution. Startup mindset, abstract thinking and out of the box design are our key differentiators.

    2. Unlike management consulting firms who offer an array of services right from strategy consulting,technology consulting, merger and acquisition, compliances, tax advisory and so on. We are specifically focussed on one single vertical which is Innovation Consulting leveraging cutting egde tech like GenAI and there is where our core expertise are in. Another unique thing about us is that we are focused on leveraging knowledge from various sources combining our ability to think out of the box and delivering innovation outcomes. We see these consulting firms as Ecosystem Partners who have deep dive market research capabilities. We are rather focussed on analyzing the information, applying out of the box thinking and delivering Innovation Outcomes.

    3. The other core USP is our proprietary Innovation Assessment Framework which is a product combined with our Innovation expertise to help enterprises fail fast and fail early and find dormant opportunities in the process. This is just one framework, there are other frameworks in pipeline as well.

    4. We see Innovation as an abstract art, an amalgamation of multiple disciplines, this sort of talent has to be cultivated. We have proven processes and hiring methodologies combined with our proven learning framework which helps us to get fresh talent and shape them into Innovation Consultants. As humans it is difficult to unlearn and then learn new things, this is one of the biggest blockers of Innovation, which we have addressed in a very elegant manner with our unique approach.

    5. Unlike traditional software development firms that function as cost centers, we prioritize delivering results that generate cash flow for your business. We achieve this by optimizing costs and ensuring solutions deliver positive ROI, all without sacrificing quality. If a solution or feature seems unlikely to meet these goals, we'll transparently discuss this with you and may recommend alternative approaches.

  • It is our approach with Jugaad (being frugal) and the Innovation Assesment Framework .The unique thing about this framework is that it takes into consideration multiple input parameters to give a clear picture of the problem at hand. Based on this evaluation model we suggest to you whether the investment in technology will be of value add. Post this we calculate the return on investment and the time to recovery of your capital. Once everything is done we put a feasibility assesment report that proposes the possible implementations available. The intent is to maximize the value creation process in a structured manner.

  • No, we are not a pure research and development based organization. Most of the times we have to deep dive into extreme specific details to understand the problem. Our focus is on understanding these problems and then suggesting the most optimal solution leveraging cutting edge technologies. The adapted approach has to justify the return on investment in terms of either cost saving, cost optimization or competitive strategic advantage.

    In a broad sense,research and development often involves inventing something new or doing something in a radically better manner by modelling the cause and effect relationship, the return on investment is undeterministic and the time to get the return on capital is sometimes very high. Innovation to us is all about applying concepts leveraging existing technologies and platforms to create products or solutions that create substantial value.

  • With profit making organizations they want to see clear impact of a technology adoption in their business. Investment in technology has to justify significant returns. That is what our focus is. In some cases the returns might not be immediate but more strategic in terms of process or quality improvement. With citizen science projects the returns are intangible with benefits that it has to offer to the environment for years, these are kind of projects usually sponsored by Municipal Corporations and Governments.

  • We offer Innovation Consulting as a Service leveraging our Product which is Innovation Assessment Framework. Depening on the Innovation Cycle and the phase at which a company is, there are typically three Engagement packages. The Innovation Diagnostics, Innovation Surgery and Innovation Therapy. Get in touch with one of our Innovation Consultants for a free session on how Innovation could lead to dormant value unlocking for your Enterprise.