Optimal Placement of EV Charging Stations

High capital efficiency underscores Indian SaaS growth.
The promotion of electric vehicles is dependent on the optimal placement of charging infrastructure, and the right charging station selection is crucial in achieving an efficient charging network.
Insights from Optimal Placement of EV Charging StationsUsing Machine Learning and Optimization
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pp pp < 1.5x
8 out of 10 companies with ARR > US$10 million have a burn multiple under 1.5x

2. India B2B SaaS projects bullish growth for 2023

4 out of 10 CXOs target over 100% growth (ultra growth)
8 out of 10 CXOs target above 50% ARR growth (hypergrowth)
The majority of ultra growth companies are vertical SaaS

3. 1 out of 3 India SaaS company is either an ultra or hyper-growth company

35% of the companies surveyed generating ARR more than US$1 million have low burn (<1x) and are targeting hyper-growth (50%+ ARR growth)

4. India B2B SaaS projects bullish growth for 2023

2 out of every 3 companies reported improvement in key performance metrics e.g., net dollar retention rate (NDRR), customer lifetime value (CLTV) and payback period
The world is facing the challenge of climate change and reducing carbon emissions is critical in mitigating its impact. The mobility sector contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, with around 18% of carbon dioxide emissions coming from burning fuel. Electric vehicles (EVs) are an essential part of the solution to decarbonizing the mobility sector. However, the success of EVs is reliant on the development of charging infrastructure to meet the growing demand for charging. As the number of EVs on the roads continues to increase, there is a need for accelerated technology and infrastructure development to support the growth of the EV market. In the current scenario, around 10% of drivers choose EVs when purchasing a new car, and this number is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. With this growth, the demand for charging stations will also increase, leading to challenges in ensuring accessibility and efficient usage of charging infrastructure.
Optimal placement of EV charging stations is a critical factor in promoting the adoption of EVs and reducing range anxiety, the fear of running out of charge while driving. The optimal placement of charging stations involves analyzing various factors such as the number of EVs in the area, their charging requirements, and the availability of charging infrastructure.
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